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-In Home ABA Therapy

ABA therapy is individualized based on the findings from an initial assessment (Such as the ABLLS-R, the PEAK Assessment, VB-MAPP, Essentials for Living, and Functional Assessments).  After assessment, a treatment plan is implemented and continually monitored and modified based on the individual’s progress.  ABA interventions for individuals with autism often focus on the following areas:

Behavioral management/ Behavior reduction:  Reducing dangerous and/or disruptive behavior such as aggression, self-injury, property destruction, and elopement.

Social Skills:  Teaching children and adolescents how to establish and maintain peer relationships, reciprocate conversations, and recognize and respond to nonverbal cues from peers in social situations.

Verbal Behavior: Effective communication allows one to express their wants, needs, and feelings and is a skill we specialize in using B.F. Skinner’s model of Verbal Behavior.  This can be accomplished with expressive language, an augmented alternative communication device, American Sign Language (ASL) and other means of communication.

Relational Frames– With the assessment and curriculum from the PEAK curriculum as a guide, every individual can more effectively move past where other assessments such as the VB-MAPP stop at.

Adaptive Living Skills:  Teaching skills needed for an individual to function safely, independently, and appropriately on a daily basis.  Living skills include: toileting, grooming, dressing, meal time behavior, housekeeping chores, gross and fine motor skills, prerequisite skills for employment, how to seek employment, and skills needed for independent living in adulthood.

  • -ABA Therapy in community/residential facilities/daycare*

*ABA therapy delivered in daycare centers are available depending on the terms of your insurance plan.

-Parent training and Consultation

-BACB Supervision Hours

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