Bardin Behavioral Health, LLC


What age group do you serve?

We don’t pick cases based on the age of the individual or other demographic category.  We choose to work with individual’s whose behavioral needs are commiserate with our experience and expertise.

How much sensory integration and/or joint compression do you include in your treatment plans and sessions?

None; ethically, we can only use evidence based procedures.  Sometimes, we can use it as reinforcement if the individual is motivated by these things.

Will you try the technique they were using on ’60 Minutes’ last night?

If it is an evidence-based procedure that has been replicated numerous times with published results in reputable, peer reviewed journals, and the procedure is the most appropriate for the individual, absolutely.

Can I add you as a friend on Facebook? Twitter? 

No. It could bias my opinions and make me less effective; also, I don’t have a Facebook or twitter account…

but BBH does.

When will I get to see my son on the website?  

You won’t see him or any client’s pictures on our website or Facebook page.  I do, however, encourage you to enjoy the excellent stock photos on the home page.

More Coming Soon!

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