Bardin Behavioral Health, LLC

Our Philosophy and Approach

Our approach to treatment is evidenced by what we do and what we refuse to do.  You will never see a photo of a client on our website or on social media sites.  We know your son or daughter will grow up, become an adult, and may not want their friends, co-workers, or potential employers to know about medical services they received that could have remained confidential (has your doctor ever asked if he could post your picture on Facebook?). In a word, you could call this dignity. 
What do we do?  
We provide individualized treatment for individuals with autism.  Our treatment packages use evidence-based procedures and are cited in every treatment plan.  All our services are provided by or are closely supervised by a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and are based on assessments that determine a child’s present levels, the function of problem behaviors targeted for reduction, and behaviors to increase.  Using a data-based, analytic approach to behavior allows us to continually evaluate the efficacy of the interventions, thus making our interventions more efficient. 
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