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ABA Therapy

ABA therapy is individualized based on the findings from an initial assessment (Such as the ABLLS-R, the PEAK Assessment, VB-MAPP,

FBAs for Schools

Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs, FAs) for schools in South Carolina. Functional Behavior Assessment for Educators We provide FBAs for public


In addition to Functional Behavior Assessments, we provide the following standardized assessments: VB-MAPP ABLLS-R PEAK AFLS Essentials for Living Vineland

Supervision Hours

Are you looking for supervision to fulfill the BACB’s supervision hour requirements for the BCBA or BCaBA exam?   Tell

“Bardin Behavioral Health provides ABA therapy and related services in Columbia, SC. We also provide autism services to the surrounding communities of Fort Jackson, Northeast Columbia, and more.”

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Are you interested in starting a rewarding career in ABA? Are you a seasoned veteran looking for a new place to showcase your skills or recieve supervision hours?

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